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Unique Funerals

How to make a funeral unique to your loved one?

Many people who choose a celebrant led funeral do so because they feel a religious service is simply not personal enough. It is difficult within the time constraints given in a standard slot at the crematorium to fit in all the traditional wording and prayers required for a religious service and leave any space for originality. 

Without the traditional constraints however, new and personalised aspects may be included. There is time for family members to give their own tributes for instance or family wishes, such as including a rousing round of applause may be incorporated. Time for placing flowers or items upon the casket can be allowed and more personal goodbyes said.

Sometimes there are definite wishes that have been previously expressed to the family by their loved one, or sometimes it is inspiration that strikes. Something fitting with that person, their life lived, something that will make their funeral unique, one to remember.

I write poetry and am used to inspiration striking me at any time of day! Some years ago, having owned my beloved horse for many years, the time had come, we felt, to let him go upon his way, he had become old and arthritic. He was put to sleep in the field that he loved. 

That night, I woke in the early hours and scribbled down words that were coming to me. In the morning, deciphering my notes, I realised there was a poem that perfectly expressed a message from my horse and how I would come to feel about him. This poem I have now included in my anthology of poems as it is equally suitable for a funeral celebration, perhaps for someone who loved the outdoors and nature … or horses!

I Am The Spirit Who Whispers On The Breeze by Katie Gorvin-Hughes

I am now all that I am,

All that I have seen,

All that I have been.

I am not here, wrapped in solemn shroud,

No! Now I fly beyond the cloud.

I am the wind that rustles through the trees,

I am even in the gentlest breeze.

I am in the long grass that blows

And in the sunset as it glows

I am in the pure white snow

And in the crops as they grow

I am the water pure and still

The moon’s white orb morning until.

Know that I am always there

I am with you as you dare.

I am spirit earth you see

I from my earthly bonds break free.

As pain fades remember me!

©Katie Gorvin-Hughes

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