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As an independent funeral celebrant I will provide a beautiful, individually composed and newly written funeral ceremony that totally honours the wishes and views of your loved one. I have completed extensive training in funeral celebracy with Green Fuse in order to receive a national diploma accredited by OCN London.

Most people now are not affiliated to a particular religion, but still have their own beliefs which they want reflected in their funeral. In planning a ceremony, I respect and reflect individual views and spiritual beliefs. I regard each funeral as an occasion in which personal beliefs are honoured, in which, meaningful verses are read and favourite music is played!

I spend time with the family to get a true sense of the person, helping the family to choose readings and verses that will form part of a personalised celebration of the life of their loved one. Working with the family, I help them to play as big or as little a part as they wish in the service.

I aim to provide a truly memorable ceremony, one in which the achievements of your loved one are celebrated, in which their life is fondly remembered and honoured in a well-structured and imaginative way, in this your final gift to your loved one, their own unique funeral celebration.

A great passion of mine is writing, both poetry and prose, and I have had some of my poems published.  Friends to whom I have gifted poems for various occasions suggested that I should find a way to share my words with a wider audience. This led me to create website to enable people to have their own bespoke verse written for their special occasion. I can write a special personalised tribute to your loved one in verse to read as part of the funeral service, please ask for details.


An independent celebrant is usually chosen as an alternative to a traditional service taken by a vicar or priest. There is freedom to really reflect and honour the person whose life is being remembered and celebrated. There is no formal order that the service should take or required prayers or readings. Structure is provided by careful discussion and planing between the celebrant and the family. The service will usually include traditional elements such as a eulogy describing all aspects of the life of the deceased.

There will usually be a committal, in which appropriate words are said to allow the deceased to part from their loved ones before their final goodbyes.

Many families do like to include some traditional aspects such as the reciting of the Lord’s prayer, or perhaps a family member who has a strong faith might like to include a religious prayer or reading. There is absolute freedom to do so if that is required.

Absolutely. In a service taken by a celebrant, there is as much or as little opportunity for family and friends to take part as they wish. Obviously, if a lot of people are wanting to speak there may be time restraints placed upon them.

A longer double slot can be booked at the crematorium, this allows more time for music or readings from friends and family. You may wish to consider a ceremony in a hall or other venue, this would allow time for an ‘open space’ or opportunity for many people to speak. A memorial service would also offer opportunities for more speakers or professional musicians to play.

Many pet owners feel extremely close to their pets and the death of a beloved pet can be a devastating loss. It is natural to want to honour and remember the life of our animal companions in the same way as we would our family. I write and conduct individual ceremonies for pets either at their burial or at the scattering of their ashes.

Every ceremony is individually written and custom made for each funeral celebration. I also write verses that come to me in an inspired way. I am able to provide you with an individually written verse as part of the service, please ask for details.

I am available for ceremonies for any of the occasions that make up the rich tapestry of our lives, from naming ceremonies to hand fasting and wedding and funeral celebrations. I take commisions for bespoke verses for weddings and celebrations.

I am based in Aldridge in the West Midlands, covering the crematoriums at Streetly, Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and surrounding areas, I am happy to answer enquires about other areas and burial sites.

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